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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape

Devious Mud Part 3

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This guide was written by Djpailo

Evidence that Devious Mud existed
The link for the game can still be found in archives of Andrew's site, but I will not enclose this. The links are broken anyhow.
Here's Mod Jon H confirming that Devious Mud existed:
 photo deviousmud.png
Its interesting that he knows what "MUD" stands for, which suggests that Andrew has discussed the game with his colleagues, and perhaps they can play it? All speculation of course...

Here is lightning, one of the first runescape players, possibly confirming the players who did actually play Devious Mud. It is unclear if he was referring to an alpha version of Runescape or indeed Devious Mud.


It's incredible how many people claim they have played it, considering only several players actually did, which proves the high demand for it to be released again. However, with this almost an inevitable impossibility, all we can do is wonder how such a small 2D game that took 7 months to complete became the vast entity of Runescape that we now know today.

In the future, Andrew had planned to show a working version of Devious Mud through a youtube video, but as of yet, there are no plans to re-release it in any form. He stated the main reason for this, was that there was simply not enough content. He has no plans to release elements of the game onto funorb either. This information was provided from the Q and A sessions from 03 September 2009.  

The video was released in the 2010 Runefest:

Since Andrew left the Jagex board of directors in late 2011, uncertainty remains about whether a working version of DeviousMud will venture into the public realm, but it appears highly unlikely. As of 2014 and since the decline of Runescape in general, interest in DeviousMud has also declined. 


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