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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape


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By Djpailo

Gaming Sites

A great gaming site, offering many flash games. If your looking to pass the time, this is a site for you! Requires Adobe Flash Player to play these games.
An awesome gaming site, when you can play many games for free. Although many are only available as a trial, its still a great site, with games including Alien-X and gutterball. Requires Adobe Shockwave Player.
A fantastic resource for Nintendo fans, it offers java based games of many past-time Nintendo classics, including mario and donkey kong. Its all legitamate too! Requires Sun Java.

Computer Links
A great website with an array of fantastic guides to get you to terms with your computer.
Customize XP:
Great site to get some themes for your XP computer. I recommend "Royale" which was an official skin for XP but wasn't added into XP for some reason.

A fantastic source to find images created from the latest computer graphics programmes to just a simple pencil drawing. Awesome.