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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape

Devious Mud Part 2

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Written by Djpailo

Andrew Gower's Website Analysis.
Andrew Gower used to have a website during his days at Cambridge University. It used to be available through internet archives, but most of the infomation has been blocked, probably due to request by the owner, Andrew Gower. Here are some screenshots of the Devious Mud page on Andrew's website:

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It took Andrew over 7 months to complete Devious Mud, and it even had it's own separate webpage:
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Clearly Andrew did have big ambitions for Devious Mud, but it never really took of, until the idea of runescape arrived on the scene in the early part of 2001. Using his ideas from from a few years ago, he began to take his ideas more seriously, and started the runescape beta in early January.


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