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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape

Runescape Moderators

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Written by Djpailo

(Last updated: 04 July 2009)

Player Moderators (a.k.a pmod)
A runescape moderator is a player who has been chosen by Jagex to help Jagex maintain a positive community. They get priority when they send abuse reports and they have the ability to mute players for up to 48 hours. They are not under the constraints of the one minute waiting time to appeal, so they can report lots of people without having to wait around. They also have access to the runescape moderator forums where they can receive further help if necessary.
Runescape Player Moderators are recognised by a silver crown next to their name:
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These mods are not paid by runescape nor do they gain free items or membership. Any priviledges that they have are merely to help them with their moderating, E.g. Muting. They are simply ordinary players who have been granted special "responsibility". Anyone can be a player moderator. Combat Level and skills never come into the equation here. If you have a warning or any blackmarks on any account, it hinders your chance to become a pmod, unless you have 10 or more blackmarks in which case your chances are more or less zero. Check your blackmark history by clicking "Appeal an Offence/Ban" on the runescape homepage. It is also crucial to remember that they are not runescape staff and they will never ask for your password.
Player moderators are not obliged to report or help anyone. The official answer is that they will never be de-modded for not being active or not reporting players, however there are reports that this may not be true because a pmod who has stopped playing might have an insecure account and thus, they may have to be demodded.
If you see a moderator abusing their powers, you can report them as you would normally. Also, Jagex frequently check that pmods are not abusing there power and they check all mutes that a player moderator has authorized, however a pmods decision is normally always final.
To become a pmod, you should be a good and honest player, reporting people if you see them break the rules. Reports must result in action being taken to the offender, i.e. they must be accurate for Jagex to take note. If Jagex notice your reports are successful, they may make you a player moderator. Jagex have stated that helping other players and simply playing the game with enthusiasm helps. Pmods can be free players or paying members. A moderator can also be "de-modded" in which case they lose their "pmod" powers and go back to ordinary players. They may be demodded for various reasons, i.e. From abusing their powers and muting innocent players to just sharing their accounts. Jagex are very strict that player moderators adhere to the rules carefully because they are considered ambassadors to the game.

Forum Moderators (a.k.a fmods)
Like most forums, Jagex need help in getting rid of spam, profanity and generally any flaming within threads. They enlist the help of forum moderators who can be recognised with a green crown next to their forum name and with a green background in their posts. These green crowns do not appear in the runescape game. Similar to Jagex Staff, these players have the ability to move and delete posts as well as locking threads. They can also temporarily ban a player from the forums for up to 24 hours. It is important to remember that these players are just normal players too. They are not paid and do this work voluntarily. They have no special powers in-game, however, it is indeed possible for a player to be a forum moderator and a player moderator although this is rare. These players are known as "dual-moderators". Its important to remember that they are two completely different roles. They will never ask for your runescape password or any account details. A Forum moderator is trained for approximately three to four weeks before they receive their modship. This has been confirmed by an Fmod. During this time, they are not able to reveal their invitation to modship until they receive their crown.
A forum moderator can be recognised with a green background in all their posts:
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A Jagex moderator can be recognised with a gold background in all their posts. They can moderate the forums like Forum moderators, but they also have additional powers such as the ability to sticky threads. They have administration access to the forums control panel. Not all the Jmod's will have access to all their administrative features. Some, such as Andrew and Paul, will have access to all, whereas others, such as Mod Poppy, may only have access to a handful or administrative features. These features include maintaining the forums, adding new categories, viewing statistics etc.
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Do Forum and Player Moderators get paid?
No. Fmods and Pmods do not get paid in any way, shape or form. All their work is voluntary.
Do Player or Forum moderators get any special items, free membership or stat rasing rewards?
No. They are simply normal players that have been given a few extra powers (see infomation above) that help Jagex make runescape a safer and happier environment for everyone. They do not get rewarded with any bonuses.
Can a Player or Forum moderator ban me?
No player can ban you. If anyone claims they can ban you, report them for Staff impersonation. A player moderator can only mute you for up to 48 hours and a forum moderator can only issue a temporary ban.

Jagex Staff in-game (a.k.a jmod)

Jagex staff are people who actually work for Jagex and are recognised by a gold crown next to their names:

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They are paid and ARE Jagex employees, therefore they have the ability to ban you pemanently if they see you breaking the rules. Its important to remember that they will never ask for your password or any account details. Anyone without this gold crown next to their name is not Jagex staff. In runescape classic, right at the beginning, Paul Gower used to play with his runescape account called shark, however he no longer does so. Anyone claiming to be Jagex staff without the gold crown next to their name should be immediately reported using the Report abuse feature located near the bottom of your runescape screen.

Jagex moderators cannot interact with other players through trade and they cannot fight anyone in the wilderness, but they can still fight npc's. Jagex staff, most notably Andrew Gower, were able to duel players in RSC, and a few screenshots exist of him doing so. Jagex staff can also alter any of their levels, sometimes for fun but mostly for testing purposes. This is usually done by the Quality Assurance team.
Jagex mods can additionally join any clan chat room, regardless if its full. They can kick anyone in that chat room, but the owner can set them any rank they choose.
Most Jagex staff seem to be quite jovial in character and do joke around a lot. They often get inundated with messages in private chat and the in-game chat. Since Mod Mark Michael Gerhard's arrival in February 2009, Mod's have begun to make their clan chats public. The current list of official public Jmod clan chats are:
-Mod MMG
Other chat's are open but are rarely used.

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