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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape

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Notice: This site is not affiliated, endorsed or recognized by Jagex in any way, but it adheres to the same rules that are listed in runescape terms and conditions.
Runescape is a free online RPG game available to most people online. It is coded in Java, which makes this game available to people with even the slowest connections to the internet. You use your mouse to interact with other characters, npc's, monsters and buildings. Originally created by Andrew Gower, founder of Jagex, the game rose in popularity since the arrival of the second version of the game (Currently known as runescape, the older version now known as runescape classic) and its appearance on the popular gaming site, Miniclip. The most players online during peak times often used to be 220,000 but due to the wilderness updates this peak has leveled at around 175,000. This site provides guides that other sites may not offer and provides a unique history of the game all written by myself in a clear and simple format.

Recent Site Updates:

15 May 2014
- Fixed a broken picture in the Devious Mud guide.
- I've removed the famous players screenshot section. 
- Minor update to the Devious Mud guide. 

29 March 2014
- I've made a minor change to the guestbook theme and deleted spam posts.
- Updated the famous player guide. 
- Corrected a spelling error in the vote page.
- Minor fix on the links page. 

15 September 2013
- Updated the famous player guide for the new skill and other minor fixes.
- Updated the Site Layout.
- Re-uploaded pictures to Devious_Mud guide

21 September 2012
- Updated the famous player guide. Thanks to Jens14 for contributing.

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