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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape

Money Guide

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Written By Djpailo

(Last updated: 17 August 2007)


Runecrafting is a long and tedious way to make money on free play, but can be a great way for members. You can mine it very quickly once your about lvl 55 mining upwards. 1k of rune esscence is approximately 20-30k cash. If you chose to use the esscense to make runes to get experiance, you should make airs as they are often in high demand and can be sold for 10-20gp ea. If you are a member, then make nature runes using the abyss, which is extremely quick, and nature runes sell for 300-350gp ea and are always in high demand.

Also, crafting air runes with a high runecrafting level is good, because you make lots of airs (crafting multiple air runes).

Free players can now also go to World 16 and do air running. This involves a runner and also a person who just wishes to get runecrafting experiance. The runner will just run to and from falador bank, carrying 25 unnoted essence. The other player who wishes to craft air runes, waits by or inside the air alter, where he trades the runner 25 noted essence and approximately 2k cash. The player wanting runecrafting essence will then just make air runes with the 25 unnoted essence- bare in mind, in his inventory, he will have lots of cash, noted essence, and air runes. The player crafting airs will sell their airs for cash and the runners will make 2k cash each trip. It is recommened that the runners have a good agility level to keep energy levels high.

Mining and Smithing

Mining is a very profitable way to make money. Most people mine coal. Coal is always in high demand because from lvl 30 smithing onwards, you will need coal to smelt all your ores into bars. Each coal can sell up tp 250gp ea, or as low as 100gp ea. Commonly, the price is 180gp ea, and this seems to have been established. Many people will sell coal for 200gp ea if they have it in bulk. (ie 5k of coal).

Once you have level 48
smithing, level 60 mining and level 55 magic, you can also make steel bars and then smith them into steel plates and finally high alchemise them. I have said 60 mining because then you can use mining guild to get your coal ores, or alternatively you can buy them which may reduce any profits you make. 

Players that reach 70 smithing might sell addy bars for 2k ea! But addy bars need one addy ore and 6 coal ores. Addy ores (which you need 70 mining to mine them) sell for 800gp to 1k each.

Once 85 mining, you have reached the elite. You can now mine runite ores, (find them in lvl 42 wilderness and the legends guild for members). Runite ores sell for 11,800gp ea each! 85 Smithing will also enable you to make 15k ea per runite bar if sold. But beware that 85 smithing and 85 mining takes a very long time to get. You need to have a lots of patience.

Cooking and Fishing

Another Good way is to cook. Buy raw lobster from karamja fish shop. They will cost 45gp ea if there are many in stock. Then cook them and sell the cooked lobster for 250gp ea. The only problem, is that you need 75 cooking for you to never burn the lobs. The bank is also very far away for free players, but members can use the bank in Tzhaar.

The lobster market is now in full bloom, and many members are exploiting this. As cooking is very easy to train, many people want to get level 99 in it. From lvl 75 many free players train their cooking level by cooking lobster. Members now sell raw lobster in bulk for up to 250gp ea (most commonly as 220gp ea). The raw lobster can then be cooked by the free player (or member), and then re-sold for 250gp ea in pkin worlds for people to use as food.

In members, you can also fish  shark (at lvl 76 fishing) and cook shark. The cooked shark sells for 1k ea, but because more and more people can do this, prices of shark has declined.


Using the woodcutting skill, you can cut yew trees once you are lvl 60. Each yew log sells for 250-300gp each. At lvl 30, you can cut willow trees and their logs sell for around 5-25gp ea. This money method has declined in popularity due to the rising numbers of macro-ers that cut the logs.

Members can cut magic trees at lvl 75 woodcutting, and these sell for 1k each or can then be cut and strung into magic bows using the fletching skill, and then be alchemised into coins using the level 55 magic spell.

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