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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape

DJpailo's Massive Guide to Security (Version 6.3)

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Written By Djpailo

Djpailo's Massive Guide to Security (Version 6.3)

Written By Djpailo
Special Thanks To Salmoneus

(Last updated: 18 May 2008)

Ok, before you download anything, make sure you back up your registry onto CD, USB stick etc...

To do this go to start>run>type "regedit" (without the speech marks)>(a box will open)>File>export>save as (make sure "all" is selected underneath, and also make sure you save it on your desktop, then you can transfer it to CD by right clicking the icon and send to CD.)

With all the downloads, make sure you read all the requirements, and that your PC can tolerate the program. To find out
some details about your PC, go to start>run>type "winver" (without the speech marks). Also, go to start>all programmes (optional)>accessories>system information.

If you need another download page, a mirror site, (quite reliable) is found here: Major Geeks



It is highly important you update you machine. Every first Tuesday of every month, Microsoft release patches which fix any bugs or flaws in your operating system. Windows 2000 users and above can go to Microsoft Update
You should choose "express" option, and it will install all critical updates available. If you are a more experienced user, click "custom" to choose which updates you wish to install. People with Windows 98 or lower must go here and manually search for any updates your PC needs although you may find the automatic way might work for your PC.



Anti-Viruses are one of the most important things your computer will ever have. Most remove viruses, worms, and a few trojan horses. A few can remove "bits a pieces" of spyware, but you should not rely on anti-virus software alone to remove spyware. There are 3 main free anti-viruses. Remember you should only use one anti-virus.

AVAST (Version 4.8.1169) (20MB to 21MB depending on language.)

The user interface is very nice, and it is very simple to use. It has a very good scanning engine, enabling users to scan deep within archives and registry keys looking for viruses.


Official Homepage- Avast
Official Download- Download Avast
Official Requirements- Avast Requirements List

AVG (Version 7.5.519) (34.3MB)

This anti-virus is made by grisoft. It has a decent user inter-face, but very good protection. Recommended by most runescape fan sites, it is well known for being very easy to use, whilst giving superb protection.


Official Homepage- AVG
Official Download- Download AVG
Official Requirements- AVG Requirements List

*note, that the requirements list for AVG is a PDF file. You will need Adobe reader to view it, or a similar programme.

A-SQUARED (version (24.84MB)

This is a relatively unknown anti-virus, but has some decent reports to its name. The user interface is brilliant in my view, and it scans deep within your files. The one downside is that you will need 512MB RAM or more, otherwise it may take while to load up after boot-up.


Official Homepage- A Squared
Official Download- Download A-Squared
Official Requirements- List unknown. Please check download page, and possibly download English help files.

The payable one which I'd go for is Kaspersky. I honestly believe you should not go for Norton or MacAfee. These pieces of software are seriously bloated, and make your PC run much slower despite offering decent protection.


Here is a list of some common anti-viruses with their removal tools.

W32.sober and variants. here
W32.sasser and variants. here
W32.Beagle.J@mm and variants here
These are just a few. Lots of virus removal tools can be found here: Symantec

You can also just type the virus name (case sensitive) into Google.

You can also find a vast collection of removal tools here.



Firewalls tell you who is trying to get into your pc. When you first download the firewall, lots of pop ups will come up telling you certain things are trying to communicate with your PC. Some things are genuine, others are not. If you are unsure, type the process in Google. i.e. "Win Generic Host32.exe" etc. Remember you should one use one firewall.

SYGATE (version 5.6.2808) (5.5MB) *no longer support*

Sygate was recently acquired by Symantec whom own Norton. Due to this, people are saying Sygate will become bloated, but as of yet, it is still one of the best firewalls out there. Because of the takeover by Symantec, all support will be discontinued by Sygate, and the products will not be supported. Symantec claim they will carry on supporting the products, but speculation arouses over this, and that it is the end of a line, for one of the most successful firewalls for personal use.
Official Homepage- Sygate
Official Download- Download Sygate
Official Requirements- Sygate Requirements List

ZONE ALARM (version 7.0) (38.8MB)

This firewall is probably the most well known firewall, however, I feel it lacks ability in wireless networks, it is simpler to understand then Sygate. This firewall has known conflicting issues with Avast anti-virus. It has an excellent user-interface and is brilliant for any novice users out there. Since version 7.0 however, many people have argued that it has become more bloated, but I still recommend it.

Official Homepage- Zone Alarm
Official Download- Download Zone Alarm
Official Requirements- Zone Alarm requirements list

Sunbelt Personal Firewall (version 4.5.916) (6.48MB) (formerly Kerio personal firewall)

This firewall is relatively unknown, but from many computer forums, including neowin, and have heard good reports. It loads up fairly fast, and seems similar to zone alarm in user interface. The firewall has recently been accquired by sunbelt.


Official Homepage- Kerio
Official Download- Download Kerio
Official Requirements- Kerio Requirements List

OUTPOST (Version 1.0.1817) (2.5MB)

Again, this is a relatively unknown firewall, but I have heard a few rumours that it's starting to surface among the big three and a major contender. Whilst being discontinued, it still offers good protection for all, and considering there are few personal firewalls out there, it's worth a mention. It is also the smallest download size out of all the firewalls mentioned, so it will only take about 10-15 minutes on an average dial-up connection.

Official Homepage- Outpost Free version
Official Download- Download Outpost
*Requires registration.

Unofficial Download- Download Outpost
*Does not require registration.

JETICO (Version 1.0) (2.7MB)

Whilst being one of the smallest download size out of all the firewalls, it still offers great protection. Brilliant for dial-up users as this will only take 10 minutes to download. One downside to this firewall is that configuring processes can be a little tricky, and users must remember to save their settings, otherwise it will load up the default settings.


Official Homepage- Jetico Homepage
Official Download- Download Jetico Personal Firewall
Official Requirements- Jetico Requirements List



Malware consists of; spyware, pop-ups, trojan horses and keyloggers. There are only really 3 big free ones, one of which is in the beta phase, meaning it is still buggy. The main thing to remember with these products, is that it is ok to use more than one. They will not interfere with each other like firewalls and anti-viruses. There are also products which prevent malware getting to your PC. These products may have conflicting problems, but I will explain this in greater detail later on in this section if applicable.

AD-AWARE 2007 (version (18.95MB)

This is probably the best free product you will ever come across. This software is a must, and is probably the best at stopping keyloggers, and it removes tracking cookies very well. Some cookies contain keyloggers and handle personal information, however if you block cookies, you may hamper your browsing experience. The new version comes with many new features, most notably, a new scanning engine that can detect more malware.


Official Homepage- Ad-Aware se
Official Download- Download Ad-Aware Se
Official Requirements- Ad-Aware Requirements *top paragraph*


This is highly recommended and works fabulously well with ad-aware. If ad-aware misses anything, this will be sure to find it. Previous versions had a bug with "DSO exploit" but this big has now been fixed in version 1.4 and the immunization tool works a treat with preventing you going to harmful sites. It also has a tea timer which stops any outgoing and incoming processes, almost like a basic firewall, but do not use this as your firewall.


Official Homepage- Spybot Search and Destroy
Official Download- Download Spybot Search and Destroy
Official Requirements- Spybot Search and Destroy Requirements List*scroll down to view*

Note, if you use the tea Timer in this tool, these is a bug, when a pop up message comes up from the tea timer, part of the text is not visible, this can be fixed by reading the bug fix here

WINDOWS DEFENDER (Version 1.1.1593) (4.95MB)

This is very good, in that it has a built in feature which also prevents spyware. This software used to be owned by GIANT, but as the company went bust, Microsoft brought the company and brought the rights of their products and put their name on the product. One major downside to this product, is that it's only available for Windows XP sp-2 and above. I highly recommend this product to anyone that meets the requirements. It's protection also works in the background, so you do not have to worry about manually starting the product.


Official Homepage- Microsoft Homepage
Official Download- Download Windows Defender
Official Requirements- Windows Defender requirements list


This is a brilliant anti-spyware, which also comes free with preventing spyware getting into your PC too. However, you have to pay for the updates, you can only download it on trial, but you should download it once every few months because it always finds something the other anti-malwares miss. You can buy it if you want though, I would recommend it. Unfortunately, the trial has been removed, and you must buy the product. I still recommend it, because it really does seem to find spyware that other anti-spyware products miss.

Official homepage- Webroot Spyware sweeper homepage
Official download- Download spyware sweeper
Official Requirements- Webroot anti-spyware requirements list
*scroll down to see the requirements.


*use these removal tools to remove anti-malware*

Look2me removal tool
SysProtect Remover removal tool
Virtumonde removal tool
SpywareStrike 2.5 removal tool
CoolWebSeach removal tool
Click2FindNow (or I-Lookup) removal tool
Spy axe removal tool (also removes SpySheriff, PSGuard and WinHound)
WildTangent Removal tool removal tool

CWSHREDDER (version 2.19)

This product sweeps your computer clean for the most annoying spyware ever created "Cool Web Search" and variants. It is highly useful, but not very necessary if you don't have much malware. Ideally, you only need to scan with this product once a month. The product was owned and created by merijn, but has since been brought by another company; intermute and then trend micro, but thankfully it has been kept free of charge.


Official Homepage- Trend Micro
Official Download- Download CWShredder.
Official Requirements- CWShredder Requirements List


Javacool, provide two products, which do not interfere with each other, or any products mentioned above, and they stop spyware. Highly recommended because they both work in the background and other superb protection in blocking malware of all kinds. I just use Spyware Blaster, but you can use both, if you prefere.

Spyware Blaster and Spyware Guard


Official Homepage- JavaCool
Official Download- Download list
Official Requirements- unknown. Should be compatible with Windows 2000 and above. Windows 98 may be compatible, and Windows 95 users must check.

AROVAX SHIELD (version 2.1.103) (1.91MB)

Another product that is top quality is called Arovax shield. Despite being relatively unknown, and thus on a rogue spyware list because of uncertainty (but recently de-listed), this programme is similar to spyware blaster, and has no conflicting problems that I am aware of. It also works in the background. I currently use it, and have thus had no problems or sudden malware. It used very little memory resources, so is an ideal solution, especially with computers that have low RAM and a small CPU processor. Recently updated to version 2, it now provides blocking for customers using the Opera browser. This should be used as an alternative to the tea timer provided on Spybot, if you have under 512MB RAM.


Official Homepage- Arovax Homepage
Official Download- Arovax Shield Download
Official Requirements- Arovax Shield Requirements


Anti Root-kit software

Root-Kits are nasty peice of programmes that may dwell deep within your registry (thats where all the infomation about your computer is stored). They cannot be removed by anti-malware products, but here are a list of products that can scan and remove them for you. I suggest using one of these programmes about once a month for ultimate protection.

TREND MICRO ROOTKIT BUSTER (version 2.2.104 Beta) (0.3571MB)

This is probably the most well known anti-root kit software. Operated by Trend Micro, it will remove many rootkits that may dwell within your computer. I recommend downloading it, and scanning with it once a month. It has a simple user interface, so its not too hard to use either. You may be worried that its in beta phase, but similar to when Windows Defender used to be in beta, this is a programme you need.


Official Homepage- Trend Micro Rootkit Buster Homepage
Official Download- Trend Micro Rootkit Buster Download
Official Requirements- list unknown

SOPHOS ANTI-ROOTKIT (version 1.3.1) (1.11MB)

Another excellent utility to remove Rootkits. It has a very simple user-interface, and does a thorough scan of the enitre computer. Used in conjuction with Trend's Anti-Rookit buster, you should be clean of most rootkits out there.


Official Homepage- Sophos Homepage
Official Download- Sophos Anti-Rootkit Download
*requires reigstration

Official Download- Sophos Anti-Rootkit Download
*does not require registration

Official Requirements- Sophos Anti-Rootkit requirements



Cleaners will clean out your cache, i.e. your temporary files which you have downloaded of the internet. These also include cookies and images. Quite useful, may make your browser go slightly faster, but the first scan with them will increase your hard drive space.

EasyCleaner (version (2.81MB)

This product extensively searches the registry for invalid keys and is fabulous to use with CCleaner (see below), to really clean your registry. It can also find duplicate files on your computer, and run uninstallers for products. I Highly recommend this product, due to its simple user interface and a great utility programme overall.


Official Homepage- Official Homepage of EasyCleaner
Official Download- Download EasyCleaner Now!
Official Requirements- Official Requirements for EasyCleaner

CCLEANER (version 2.06.587 ) (2.553MB) (or 675KB english only)

CCleaner, a.k.a crap cleaner, is probably the best at removing temporary files from the internet. It will also find invalid registry keys. I have never had any problems deleting registry keys it finds. I highly recommend this product. Its highly efficient scanning engine means that it is an effective solution at "tidying" up your machine.


Official Homepage- CCleaner
Official Download- Download CCleaner
Official Requirements- Requirements list unknown. I can't find a list of requirements anywhere. An alternative list of requirements, which is unofficial is found here

Unfortunately, I have never come across a product which even comes close to this one. A lot of cleaners, which are specified to clean registry keys, are highly dangerous.



PC Hell: A great site with tons of removal instructions for malware and spyware. Check here first if you ever need to remove anything. Very easy-going instructions to for beginners.

Merijn: A great source of information and fixes and provides links to many useful downloads. This is the creator of hijack-this, a product which is used in computer forums to solve extreme spyware. Hijack-this scans your PC for processes and provides a list. Do not use this programme. It is for advanced users only.

Process Library: Processes keep viruses and spyware running. To see a list of your processes, press Ctrl>Alt>delete at the same time. This will bring your task manager up quickly and will show your current processes. Write them in this site to find out what they are and if they should be stopped. Remember that all processes are case sensitive.

Sophos- This site provides an extended list of viruses, worms and trojans horses. It won't tell you how to remove them, other then buy their products, but will give you lots of information on what you are dealing with. You can then type the virus in Google to get more information on it.

Neowin- This is a brilliant site, concerning everything to do with computers. If you need computer help, a quick browse in their forums is a great idea.

Make Your PC Faster- This guide by Jreece is a brilliant guide in cleaning and making your PC faster. I highly recommend reading this guide.

Piriform Defraggler - This is one of the best defragmenters on the web. Extremely handy and highly recommended. Use this once every couple of months and your PC will be in tip top shape. From the makers of ccleaner.

There are also other alternative browsers which you could use. Firefox and Netscape. Firefox uses a totally different engine from internet explorer to load webpages. Thus the pages may look different. However, pages load much faster in Firefox and Mozilla were the first company to introduce tabbed browsing. Netscape used Firefoxs' engine, and their latest browser is stunning. They have a cool feature of using Internet Explorer's engine, and Mozilla's (who make Firefox) engine. They have a small icon on the bottom left, so you can easily switch between the two. The downside with Netscape, is that you may have to download other junk with it, and the download is much bigger then Firefox.
I hope this guide was useful to you. It took nearly 3 hours to make  and find all the links. Use it wisely. This guide has been written by DJpailo, and was not copied (except copying from old forums to new forums;)). The information was gathered after good experience with security over the internet.

This is a copyrighted guide. If you wish to use this guide on your website, contact me at