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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape

Runescape Music

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Written By Djpailo

(Last Updated: 18 August 2007)

On Runescape Classic, there was no music available for free players but there was some music for members. In the second version of runescape however, every time you enter a location, you can now hear a tune which is unique for that area. If its the first time you have entered that area, you will then unlock the tune in your jukebox, which you can then play manually whenever you want, regardless of where you are. Of course however, members get more music to unlock as they have more locations to visit.

Jagex have now introduced several music options. These include your music player, located here:

Image Hosted by

The "auto" button setting (shown on the picture above), plays music automatically once depending on where you are. If you change location, then the music will automatically change to that area's music and play it once.

You can then choose to have the "loop" button enabled simultaneously with the auto button, which will keep repeating the song that is currently being played. Switching to the manual button simply allows you to change the song to any tune which is highlighted in green (- green meaning it has been unlocked, red meaning it remains locked and cannot be played until you visit the area that unlocks it), regardless of the area you are in.

Jagex have also introduced area sounds which basically allow you to hear noises specific to that area, E.g. birds in the forest or when walking closer to a furnace, you can hear it get louder and louder the closer you get towards it. The difference between area sounds and sound effects, is that area sounds are the background noises you may hear in each area, but the sound effects involves the sounds you make when you are completing an action (such as fighting monsters).

With an updated user interface the controls can be tricky, but heres a simple view of the screen:

Image Hosted by

The slider buttons for all of them, works as follows: Moving the slider to the right makes the volume higher (it increases the volume). Moving the slider to the left makes the volume lower. (it decreases the volume). If you move the slider all the way to the left, then that particular sound feature will be turned of and will look like this:

Image Hosted by
There are Four sliders on this user-interface. The first slider (at the top), adjusts how bright the screen it. The second slider (2nd row) adjusts the volume of the song from the music player. The third slider (3rd row) adjusts the sound effect volume. (This is basically the noise you hear when smelting ores, chopping down logs etc). The last slider (4th row) adjusts the volume of the area sounds. For very low-spec computers, I would advise having all the sounds turned off to increase performance.

MUSIC LINKS provides the most complete list of areas that unlock new music. Their guide can be found here:

The Music Guide provided by Runescape Realm also has another excellent guide concerning the music jukebox in runescape.

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