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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape

Mining Table (RS2)

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Written By DJpailo

Mining Tables.
 Level  Ores  Exp  Quest or Notes Where to Find it (Main Places)
 1   Rune Essence  5 For crafting Runes  Varrock, Rune shop
 1  Clay  5 Smithing and Crafting  Dwarven Mines, Varrock
 1  Tin  17.5 Smithing and Quest  Dwarven Mines, Varrock
 1  Copper  17.5 Smithing and Quest  Dwarven Mines, Varrock
 1  Limestone  26.5 Quest  ???
 10  Blurite  17.5 Quest  Ice caves (south of falador)
 15  Iron  35 Smithing and Quest  Dwarven Mines, Varrock, Al-kharid
 20  Silver  40 Crafting  Crafting Guild, Al-kharid
 30  Coal  50 Smithing  Dwarven Mines, Mining Guild, Various Others
 40  Gold  65 Crafting  Crafting Guild, Al-kharid, Karamja
 40  Gem  65  ???  ???
 55  Mithril  80  Smithing  Mining Guild, Crandor
 70  Adamantite  95  Smithing  Hobogloblin Mines, Crandor, Al-kharid
 85  Runite  125  Smithing  Wilderness lvl 42, Legends Guild

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