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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape

Fast Leveling (RS2)

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Written By Djpailo

Mining/smithing  (updated: 11 september 2005.)
Fast Leveling
From lvls 1-15 you should mine and smith all your ores. Mine your ores in varrock southern mines. When you are making bronze bars, mine 14 copper ores and 14 tin ores. Once you have these, load them in your bank and continue doing this. Once you feel you have enough, walk south of varrock to al-kharid. There is a furnce here where you can smelt your ores together. There is also a bank adjacent to the furnace.
*To smelt the ores, simply put 14 copper and 14 tin in your inventory. Walk to, and click on the furnace. In your chat screen, some symbols of bars will come up. Click on the bronze icon. You will now automatically make 14 bronze bars.*
When you have made your ores into bars, walk back to varrock, and once in the center, head west or east. There are anvils when you can make your armour and weopenery.
*To make items from your bars, simply click on the bar, and then on an anvil. A screen will come up, showing what you can make. Some armour requires more then one bar. If you do not have enough bars, the nos. of bars will be in red. If your level is not high enough, then the item text will appear black.*
From lvl 15 onwards, you can make iron bars. I suggest, that from lvl 15-25 you continue making bronze bars.
From lvl 25 onwards, I suggest making iron bars and iron items. From lvl 30 you can now name steel bars. I suggest continue with iron till 40. Now for the toughest test yet. You must make steel bars and steel items from lvl 40-68.
From lvl 50 you can make mith bars. But getting mith and enough coal can be tedious, so its actually faster and easier making steel bars. Wjen you are lvl 48 you will be able to make steel pl8's. High alch them using magic, and you will make 1,200gp.
From lvl 68 onwards, make mith pl8's and high alch them for 3,200gp. Continue making mith pl8's till you are lvl 85 smithing. From lvl 70, you can also start making adamantite bars.
85 is the big goal. From 85 mining you can mine runite, and 85 smithing allows you to make rune bars.

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