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Djpailo's Guide to Runescape

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Written by Djpailo

(Last updated: 29 October 2007)

Mysterious Old Man
This old man will stop any task you are doing and will do one of the following:
-Give you a gift: You will automatically receive a reward of coins or an item.

-Transport you to a maze: As soon as the mysterious man appears, he may teleport you automatically to a magical maze.
You must complete the maze as fast as possible by reaching the center. There is a message on the screen showing how much of the reward is left. The reward can consist of runes, ores, or arrows. Various chests lie around the maze but attempting to open the chests can slow you down (although you will still get small extra rewards from the chest), and your final reward will be of less overall value.
-A mime:
As soon as the mysterious man appears, he may teleport you automatically to a stage at a theatre.
At the theatre, you will have to copy the mimes actions, by imitating the emotes that it does. Once you complete it (by copying 4 consecutive emotes successfully), you will either unlock a new emote, or get unique, untradable, mime clothing. There are 5 mime items to collect. You will receive the mime gloves and legs in one go and a mime top and mime boots in one go. There is also a mime mask to collect. 
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-Give you a Strange box: The mystery man may give you a magical box:

Image Hosted by

Click on the box, and answer the question. By correctly answering the question, you will get a small reward of coins or an item, however, if you answer the questions incorrectly, then more boxes will appear and you will have to answer the questions for these new boxes correctly as well before claiming your reward. You still only get one reward after all the boxes have disappeared.
Teleport you to a pinball game:
Image Hosted by

The mystery man may teleport you to a pinball game, where you must tag the glowing pillar. There are five pillars and one will glow. After you tag the glowing pillar, a new pillar will glow. You must tag this new pillar. You will need to tag 10 consecutive glowing pillars. After doing so, you should exit the cave (the exit is found near the two trolls). If you need help, speak to either of the two trolls, "Tilt" or "Flippa". After completing the event you will be rewarded by the mystery man and teleported to where you were before.

This drunken dwarf will try to gain your attention. If you talk to him, you will get one beer, and one kebab. If you do not talk to him, he will start to attack and eventually kill you if you do not run.

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A swarm of bees may suddenly appear and stop you from continuing any task you are currently doing. The swarm will damage you for one's or two's. You should run because its impossible to do any damage on the swarm.

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This chicken attacks you immediately with a magic spell. As you fight it back if you manage to kill the chicken, it will drop bones, feathers and a piece of uncooked chicken. You can choose to run, or fight it, but the evil chicken is strong without the protect mage spell.

Bob the cat is members only, and does nothing. If you have an amulet of catspeak, you can talk to it, otherwise Bob the cat will not speak to you.

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A genie may suddenly appear and give you a non-tradable magical lamp. If you do not answer him, he will put all your items in your inventory on the floor or teleport you somewhere. After talking to him and receiving a lamp, rub the lamp and a screen comes up, displaying icons representing all the runescape skills. Click one icon and you get experiance for that skill. Experiance is calculated by the skill you chose- (Your level for that skill, mutiplied by 10). E.g. So if your 15 attack, you will get 15*10=150xp for the attack skill. The lamp will then disappear. To gain experiance for members skills, you need to be on a members server.

A strange plant may randomly appear whilst you are in a members server. This strange plant will start growing next to you for about a minute. Pick the fruit that grows on it or it will start to attack you and you will also become posioned. The fruit gives 15% energy when eaten. You can stockpile them in your bank if you want. If you do not pick the fruit and become poisoned, you can drink some regular anti-poison to remove the poison.  

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The quiz master will suddenly appear and ask you a series of "odd-one-out" questions. After answering a few correctly, you will get a choice of reward between cash or a mystery box. The mystery box may contain a gem, nature runes or something useless whereas the cash prize is always 2000gp.

Rick Turpentine is the highway man of runescape. He is trying to "wash away" his sins by giving free gifts away. He gives various items, the best item being a gem. If you chose not to speak to him, he will attack and eventually kill you.

This person will teleport you to a hill, asking for your help to kill a pheasant with a sepecific number of tails. If you kill the correct pheasant, you will receive unique freaky forester clothing known as "lederhosen". If you do not kill the right pheasant, you will be teleported to a different place from where you were before. There are three items to collect. Once you have all three items (which can be stored in your costume room or bank) you will continue to get the event but your reward will instead be 500gp. There is a lederhosen hat, shorts and top to collect as shown below:
Image Hosted by

While playing runescape, a drill demon may suddenly teleport you to his gym somewhere in runescape. You will be told to do push-ups, star-jumps, sit-ups and various other excercises: Image Hosted by
You will need to pick the correct mat and when you stand on the mat, you will automatically perform the activity:
 Image Hosted by
There are five mats, each allowing you to perform five different excercises. Once you have performed five consecutive excericses (following the drill demons orders), you will then be given some "camo" clothes. There are three camo clothes to get; A camo helmet; A camo top and camo bottoms. If you do not manage to complete the correct excercise that the drill demon states, or if you fail too many times, you may not get the camo clothing and instead you may only receive a small reward. Once you have collected all the camo items, you will continue to get the event, but you will only get the small rewards.
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Whilst playing, a group of frogs may appear, asking for your help to kiss the princess or prince (its always opposite to your current game gender), and making them return to human form. Kiss the frogs and get a special token which can then later be exchanged in the varrock clothes shop for a frog mask or prince/princess clothing. If you disagree and chose not to kiss the frog, you will be teleported to a cave, where you will have to kiss the frog but after doing so, you will not get the frog token to receive your reward.
Frog tokens can also be stockpiled in your inventory. There are two clothing items to get, but the frog tockens only take up one space.

A priest may suddenly pop up, and teleport you to a church. After talking to you, he will ask you to light some candles. There are two different types of candle. One is long and can be lit and the other is very short and cannot be lit. Light the long candles only. After doing so, you will receive a small reward and be teleported back to where you were before.

Molly will appear and ask you to catch her evil twin and lock her up in the cage. The evil twin has taken 4 civillians with her, and so you have to choose the correct person (the evil twin). To determine which one is the evil twin, you need to look at Molly, her hairstyle and what clothing she is wearing. The evil twin will be idenitical to Molly.
Use the arrows to move the claw:
Image Hosted by

The red marker on the ground will move as a result, to indicate where the claw is. Navigate the claw so that the red marker is underneath to where the evil twin stands:

Image Hosted by
Then press the red button. If its the evil twin, then she will be put in the cage, if its one of the cvillians, then you will have another chance to catch the evil twin. If you fail, you will be teleported to random place. If you succeed, go through the door to speak to Molly, who will reward you with a few noted gems.

One of the three brothers; Niles, Giles or Miles may appear to you and ask you a series of questions. The questions will appear and you simply have to identify the object that is spinning. If you get the questions right, you will be rewarded with some money or gems. If you fail to answer the questions correctly or you ignore them, some of your items in your inventory will become noted and you will be teleported somewhere else. (To unnote your items you must then visit a bank).

Cap'n may suddenly appear and interrupt anything you are doing. Just speak to him and he will reward you with money, gems or even a half key if your a member. If you ignore him, he will attack you with a crossbow and bolts. You will then have to run away for him to disappear.

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A security guard will appear and tell you about the security stronghold and discuss how your account settings need changing to make your account more secure. After you talk to him, he will give you some gems, money or a half key. If you choose to attack him, it will take a long time, because he's very strong, and the security man does not drop anything worthwhile.

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